Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Wind in the Willows of the Mind

Perhaps your first question is...."Why?"  Why this blog...why now?
Answer- Why not?

I don't know how well I'll keep up with this blogging venture. If no one reads it, is it then me just talking to myself? A friend was the catalyst for the idea. So my thanks to that one for this one.

The word "musing" is so overdone, but I guess that is what you'll find here. Maybe you'll find wisdom, or insight on something you've never thought about before. Maybe I'll find out answers about myself and human nature that I never even put conscious thought into pursuing.

At the end of the day (also grossly overdone-that phrase and the next two), it is what it is, and we'll each get out of it what we put into it. I hope it's always a surprise though.

I like surprises..... 

MistralWind blowing through until next time...

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