Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Entangled in the Web of Ties That Bind

October 15, 2015
Whoa! It's been a loooooong time since I was here, but this place was never forgotten. Once again I find my muse in a position of being restless; she wants to speak. Who am I to hold her back? So, you know what we do, here comes MistralWind once again blowing through.....

I'm gonna keep this simple. There are so many apprpropriate quotes and sentiments that could go here, but the one that comes to me is that one can't move forward until they sever the ties that bind them to the past. The past is like a big black cloak with a hood. It is cloying, claustraphobic and it holds your body down, your feet enveloped in thick mud, sucking you ever downward. You can't; you won't rise, until you are READY to rise, and ready to cut into the tangled web of ties that bind.


It's interesting though because a tie that binds is a tie that binds; whether it is a piece of string, some invisible fishing line, a big rough rope, or one of those little paper covered twisty ties that come on loaves of bread.
Ties that bind, keep things...bound, for good or for bad. Which will it be for you?

As we grow and mature, we learn that life is a series of beginnings and endings. Some good things end prematurely, true. But some bad things linger on in the web of our life's entanglements so much longer than they should, longer than they need to.
Which will it be for you? 
Carrying thick webs of entanglements, ties that injuriously bind and choke, is wearing, draining, and discouraging. Why do we feel we need to hang on to things and people that are obviously bad for us? What is that sense of obligation about? Do we maybe believe we don't deserve better?
What about you? What do you deserve and what are you going to do about it?

Staying inexplicably bound in a fruitless situation is a choice mate. Choosing to get bound up in a bountiful situation is a blessing. 

Like I said, until people realize they deserve better, and recognize the erroneous thoughts that keep them bound, they will stay in the black hooded cloak, sinking.
Me? I want all the blessings I deserve, so if something becomes fruitless, I'm going to cut those ties that bind and fly off for more bountiful shores. I wish the same good on you.

Peace & Bountiful Shores -MistralWind blowing through until next time..... 

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